Deep dive meeting mock questions and answers

How to answer questions in a Deep Dive meeting if you use the iLanguages scheme of work

What are your main roles and responsibilities as subject leader for MFL?

Can you explain the 2-3 key priorities you are working on this year as MFL subject leader?

How did you design your curriculum?

Does you follow the National Curriculum?

What is your model of progression in MFL?

How do you monitor that your Schemes of Work are being implemented effectively?

How do you assess learning in MFL?

How do you ensure that pupils retain knowledge? How do you know that this works?

Can you tell me what I will see in lessons?

Can you tell me what I will see in pupils’ work?

What does greater depth in MFL look like?

How effective is your curriculum for all pupils?

Do you have any underachieving groups?

How does MFL support the development of SMSC and cultural capital?

How do you develop staff?

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