NVQ Business Language SoW and resources Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

The NVQ continues to be the most successful alternative language qualification to the GCSE and there is an estimated 20% of schools offering this qualification. It is frequently offered at level 1 in year 9 and level 2 at KS4. This language pathway closely mirrors the practical application of languages to the workplace. It has proved to switch on the most disaffect learner, increase uptake at KS4 and substantially raise attainment.
The current specification will remain in place until 2014 and after that point it will may a number of changes to meet government requirements. 
We have created a full package including a scheme of work, lesson plans, assessments and all the activities you would need including ICT resources to deliver an NVQ in either French, German or Spanish.
For further details of our resources and for a free CD of the first 10 lessons of Level 1 and Level 2 in French, Spanish, German and Italian, please contact hello@ilanguages.co.uk
For further information about implementing the NVQ into your school please visit www.vocationallanguages.co.uk


What you say about us . . .

“The materials provided by I-languages are first class. They include comprehensive lesson plans and varied teaching and learning resources, which make the course very teacher friendly!”
Natalie Sellars, The Foulstone School, Barnsley

“The resources have been fantastic help - there's a good range of activities to get the pupils working as a whole class together, or in pairs as well as individually. Great level of interactivity.”
Marisa Sims, Cardinal Allen Catholic High School, Fleetwood

'Teaching NVQ has really diversified our KS4 MFL curriculum, a change that has been long overdue. Having the ilanguages resources has made the whole process of managing this diversification so much easier and they are so thorough and detailed yet very simple and effective. Our students also find the assessments very user friendly and motivational'.
Alex Booker and Sue Chapman, Parkwood High School, Sheffield

Scheme of Work Business Language NVQ Order form:

NVQ 1,2 and 3

Order Form NVQ Level 1, 2 & 3 SoW

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