Frequently asked questions

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Do your resources comply with the KS2 National Curriculum Programme of Study and the Ofsted 2021 MFL Research Review?

Our resources comply with all aspects of the KS2 National Curriculum Programme of Study, and indeed exceed it in many areas. There is a document which forms part of the Teacher’s resources which exemplifies how the scheme complies with the KS2 PoS. In addition, the scheme focuses on the three pillars of language learning, as described in the Ofsted 2021 MFL Research Review as best practice in MFL teaching. Long and medium term planning documentation show how the rationale for the sequencing of the three pillars.

Do you provide a complete Scheme of Work?

A complete scheme of work with long and medium-term planning as well as individual lesson plans. In each lesson folder all lesson resources, such as PowerPoints, worksheets, songs, video clips and games are all included. All assessments, knowledge organisers and a pupils’ work book are also included. You do no need anything extra to use this scheme of work.

How am I supported as a non-specialist?

Non-specialists are supported with native speaker voiceovers at a slow pace on all PowerPoint presentations. English translations are provided in the ‘Notes’ section on every slide, and transcripts in English of every song, story and text are included. In addition, there is a list of ‘Key words’ on every lesson plan and a folder with the pronunciation of these key words is included in the lesson resources, to support the non-specialist teacher. Non-specialist teachers who use these say that they learn the language alongside the children and feel very confident in delivering the lessons.

Do you provide resources for mixed age teaching?

Yes, there is a full set of mixed age resources in our ‘Mixed age’ folder, which are suitable for teaching up to four year groups at a time if required. These were created at the request of our schools, and can also be used when there is a wide variety of ability within one class. The scheme follows a spiral curriculum, so that children will not miss out, no matter what age they start the scheme.

How would I be supported in an Ofsted Deep Dive in MFL?

You are provided with a curriculum intent document and suggested ways to answer the typical Ofsted Deep Dive questions about curriculum, assessment and planning. Teachers have reported that this has been incredibly useful during Ofsted Deep Dives and how inspectors have commented on how impressed they are with the intent, implementation and impact in terms of the progress that children make when they are observed teaching using the iLanguages scheme.

How can I evidence progress in MFL using this scheme?

Documentation showing how children make progress using the three pillars of languages, phonics, grammar and vocabulary are included in the documentation that comes with the scheme. In addition, you will see that the spiral curriculum ensures that children make progress through the threshold concepts of verbs, from present tense high frequency verbs using different parts of speech, to different tenses such as the near future and the past tense.

What assessment opportunities are included?

As well as many formative assessment opportunities to check understanding during the lesson and close gaps quickly, there are two main ways that teacher can assess children’s progress summatively. Teachers can use our ‘Age-related expectations’ document to assess children in class and a ‘Can do’ statement list and tracker are included. Alternatively you can use our end of year summative assessments in listening, speaking, reading and writing, which are supported by practice activities in advance, knowledge organisers and exemplar answers in the productive skills of writing and speaking, so that you can see what meeting ‘age related expectations’ actually looks like.

What support do you offer?

We offer ongoing support via email, which may include follow up phone conversations if needed. In addition, we offer a number of free webinars, the recorded versions of which are included on our website covering a whole range of topics from how to teach phonics, grammar and vocabulary effectively and how to prepare for an Ofsted Deep Dive in MFL.

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