Pricing and Free Samples

We charge a one-off price for each Scheme, which gives you access to the electronic folder with all teaching resources in. If you would like to receive annual updates the cost is £25 per scheme. These include updates in line with Department for Education policy and Ofsted EIF changes and new foci.

Purchasing Plan:

We charge an initial purchase fee for all our resources:
Year 3: £245, Year 4: £260, Year 5: £275, Year 6: £295

You can then download our resources onto your local drive upon purchase or join our online annual subscription programme.  

Annual subscription plan: £25 per year scheme.

After you have purchased our resources, you can then opt to join our a annual subscription programme. This will give you continued access to the online resources as well as the updates we make annually on refreshing the teaching resources, required changes to the KS2 curriculum made by the DfE and by Ofsted.

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